Partnering with SCI

Have you planned for your business?

As professionals in the funeral business, we all fully realize the importance of pre-planning. As an owner, have you planned the next phase of your business?

Since 2010, we have invested over $650 million partnering with individual business owners, giving them a beneficial succession plan. We are proud of our track record and the enduring relationships we have built with the owners who have chosen to partner with us.

Partnering with us will provide an established avenue to continue the legacy you have built. We are interested in opportunities that would be a win for the owner(s), associates and community.


Our Purpose

We are dedicated to compassionately supporting families at difficult times, celebrating the significance of lives that have been lived, and preserving memories that transcend generations with dignity and honor.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

 As the industry leader, we are able to offer many benefits that you would not receive elsewhere. We can ensure the continued success of your business by providing:

  • Support and resources from a large, sustainable and stable company
  • Financial security
  • Innovative ideas and solutions
  • Growth and career development opportunities for associates

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Partner Testimonials

I have enjoyed getting back to work in funeral service, helping families, and being involved in the community. I have a lot less stress and worry in my life knowing our business is taken care of…I personally have been re-energized by the possibilities ahead and being part of a company that is making a commitment to the future of funeral service.


Weed-Corley-Fish, Austin, TX we grew older, we realized we needed a better plan to ensure the business continued in competent hands if something happened to us. After all, we are in the planning business.


D'Esopo, Hartford, CT

We had gotten to know the team from SCI over the years at various industry events and had really come to respect them. We knew others that had sold to them and had a positive experience. So we were comfortable with them. Additionally, they are the leaders in our industry and they have other operations in the Fort Wayne area, so they knew our market and were setup to easily transition our team into their world.


D.O. McComb & Sons, Fort Wayne, IN

We, like SCI, care about our customers, strive to be better, and are not comfortable with status-quo positions. SCI continually demonstrates a high degree of concern and caring for people in a sincere and personable way.


Sixth-Generation Funeral Director, Leitz-Eagan Funeral Home, New Orleans, LA

SCI provided financial security for my family, professional growth and advancement opportunities for our staff, and the knowledge that our family firm would continue to care for our community for generations to come. From the first meeting, I knew SCI wanted me to be a contributing member of the team, and they have lived up to that promise.

Blair H. Nelsen

Nelsen Family Funeral Services, Richmond, VA

Developing Your Succession Plan

Our team can help you determine the future of your business. Fill out the form below to speak with one of our associates about the following:

  1. Is now the right time to sell from both a personal and business/market perspective?
  2. What should I expect from the acquisition process?
  3. Is my business a good fit for SCI?
  4. Which buyer will provide the greatest legacy for my business?
  5. What’s the value of my business?
  6. What happens to my team and family members in the business?
  7. What role will I play after the acquisition closes?



Complete our form with as much information as you are comfortable sharing.


Maintaining confidentiality, someone from our business development team will respond within five to ten business days. We will not engage our associates in your area.


Before sharing any sensitive information, both parties will sign a brief letter of confidentiality.


We then request and review certain financial information to determine how to proceed.

Partner with us

Our business development office will respond confidentially to your request.