Our People

Our Associates Are the Key to Our Company’s Future

Our associates’ enthusiasm, positive outlook and compassion heighten our level of care to families and propel our Company’s continued success. We are the best, the brightest and the most experienced in our profession. We strive for a workplace where ideas are welcomed, efforts are recognized, and suggestions are put into practice. We look forward to continue making positive strides to foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our journey ahead.

Our Core Values

Everything we do is rooted in our core values of Respect, Integrity, Service Excellence, and Enduring Relationships. We are a team of caregivers with a passion for compassion. We have cultivated an environment of service for both the families we serve and each other so we can fulfill our vision of celebrating life with dedication, excellence, and innovation.





Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

We believe every detail and every associate matters. It is the details that make us all unique and connect us closer to each other and the families we serve. Together, we will continue to foster and build a culture of respect and continuously enrich each associate's experience. Our Company vision for DEI guides our actions and decisions, and aligns with our core values. At SCI, we celebrate every voice.


At SCI, diversity is about each of us and the variety of unique experiences, qualities, and characteristics we all possess. Equity acknowledges the unique needs of each associate, and ensures everyone is fully supported and offered opportunities to succeed and grow within SCI. Inclusion is about all of us. It is about raising our awareness of others’ perspectives, and being open to different ideas and points of view to help us all feel more connected and valued.

SCI Workforce Diversity

Our company demographics as of 12/31/23

Data does not include associates who chose to not declare; race data is U.S. only.






Race / Ethnicity



Hispanic / Latino


Black / African American




Other Ethnicities


DEI Programs & Initiatives

Our leadership team is committed to advancing DEI within the workplace (in compliance with the Company’s policies and federal, state, and local law), and embracing the many backgrounds and perspectives that make each of us unique.

Throughout our DEI journey, we have implemented a variety of policies and programs designed to celebrate every voice. These include:

Associate Resource Communities (ARCs)

Our Associate Resource Communities, or ARCs, are voluntary, collaborative groups connecting colleagues with similar interests for networking, mentorship, and engagement in the business. Our ARCs inspire meaningful change within our Company and the communities we serve by leveraging our associates’ diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Job Posting Policy

Our job posting policy aims to foster an inclusive culture by providing associates with clear career paths to help them achieve their professional goals. We require all open positions to be posted to an internal jobs page for a minimum of five business days so associates can apply internally for roles that align with their desired career path and qualifications. By providing transparency into open jobs within the Company, we help our associates develop their own careers and ensure we are filling positions with candidates that offer a broad range of experiences and backgrounds.

Leadership Training

Our required management skills training course, Leading With Dignity, teaches leaders how to work with different communication styles, establish a positive and inclusive work environment, deliver effective and actionable feedback, and execute best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Inclusive Leader Training

Having an inclusive environment is important to our Company’s success because it will enable us to foster a more collaborative culture and enhance the service we provide to the families we serve. That is why, in 2023 we introduced Inclusive Leader Training in Dignity University and added Inclusive Leadership as a competency in our annual performance appraisals for all leaders with direct reports.

Board of Directors

In addition to diversity in the workplace, we also strive for gender diversity on our Board of Directors. Each Board member brings a unique perspective and background that contributes insight on corporate strategy and enhancing our culture.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing that change starts at the executive level, since 2017, CEO, Chairman and President Tom Ryan has been a member of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advancing DEI in the workplace.

Associate Resource Communities (ARCs)

Our Associate Resource Communities, or ARCs, are voluntary, collaborative groups that provide a space for associates with similar interests to connect, learn, and engage in the business. ARCs support our DEI focus, inspire meaningful change within our Company and the communities we serve, and support our business outcomes. Each ARC is open to all associates and we encourage all associates to join an ARC that is of interest to them.

Salute - Logo

SALUTE aims to inspire, empower, support, and educate veterans, their families, and veteran advocates through a team dedicated to veteran wellness and support in the workplace.

Unite - Logo

UNITE advocates for our LGBTQ+ associates and believes that associates who are comfortable bringing their whole selves to work can inspire meaningful change within the Company and help leverage diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Embrace - Logo

EMBRACE focuses on nurturing a culture that promotes the participation of Black/African Americans as a part of our Company, community, and customer footprint.

Adelante - Logo

ADELANTE champions the needs and interests of Hispanic associates, customers, and communities through broadened awareness and appreciation of the rich histories, cultures, and traditions that comprise a collective Hispanic heritage.

SOAR - Logo

SOAR cultivates an inclusive environment that supports, empowers, and encourages women.

Adelante - Logo

HOPE educates and advocates for the emotional well-being of our associates and their families and provides helpful information to associates who serve grieving families.

FaithRISE - Logo

FaithRISE serves our associates and communities by embodying our Company's core values through interfaith encouragement, spiritual support, assistance, and resources with empathy, compassion, and inclusive fellowship.


Because our people provide exceptional care for the families we serve and produce outstanding work, we are privileged to recognize their contributions through several award programs.

For example, the SCI Service Excellence Awards is our Company’s premier awards program and recognizes outstanding associates who embody the Company’s core values in everything they do. Every year, we recognize over 1,000 associates. Through a comprehensive selection process, seven associates receive the Company’s top awards and a celebration in their honor, with SCI officers.

Our Market Premier Performers program rewards the top sales associates who experience a dynamic spectrum of speakers, breakout sessions and activities designed to refresh, rejuvenate, and revive the mind, body, and spirit of each participant.

Additionally, Associate Appreciation Days are celebrated throughout the year, highlighting specific groups within SCI, including funeral service professionals, administrative professionals, cemetery and maintenance professionals, and care center and crematory professionals.