Our Sustainability Efforts

We are committed to our sustainability efforts through evaluating water usage, reducing our carbon footprint and partnering with responsible and ethical suppliers.

Expanding Our Water Reclamation Efforts

We support water recycling and reclamation efforts for converting wastewater into a reusable resource. This process benefits ecosystems, improves stream flow, nourishes plant life and recharges aquifers, all as a part of the natural water cycle. In addition to our reclamation efforts, we are piloting water conservation technologies at many of our cemeteries.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We continuously evaluate our carbon footprint through the measurement of operation processes related to our business.

Our fleet consists of approximately 7,000 vehicles, including funeral procession vehicles such as limousines and hearses, as well as trucks, vans and cars for sales and operations staff. In 2019, we began replacing large vehicles with subcompact and hybrid vehicles in an effort toward fuel-efficiency. We plan to continue increasing the number of fuel-efficient vehicles in our fleet and are advancing our green initiatives by piloting electric vehicles in select locations.

Our goal is to continue to decrease our carbon footprint and keep our cost down.

Assistant Vice President of Supply Chain

Partnering with Ethical Suppliers

Our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our values, ensuring our suppliers have safe working conditions and that their associates are treated fairly and with respect. We also encourage responsible and environmentally friendly production processes.

We are committed to creating a supply chain of local, diverse and qualified suppliers and continue to foster an inclusive procurement approach engaging businesses owned by minorities, females and veterans.

Download our Supplier Code of Conduct