Spotlight on our Cemetery Property Strategy


We believe a permanent resting place can be a beautiful and lasting way to remember a personal story for generations to come. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to investing in new and distinctive cemetery property offerings.

In the past, our cemeteries primarily offered conventional burial selections. As consumer preferences and lifestyles change, so does our approach. With cremation becoming the preferred choice in North America, we've invested in modern options for cremation memorials.

Today, we ensure our cemeteries have a range of contemporary choices for both burials and cremations, thoughtfully designed to resonate with a variety of consumer preferences and budgets.

Simple Remembrance

Desktop- Simple Remembrance

There are many different types of cemetery property to meet the needs and wishes of families and individuals. At the core, we offer basic lot gardens, lawn and mausoleum crypts, as well as cremation niches and natural gardens that offer simple beauty to customers.

Personalized Memorialization

Desktop- Personalized Memorialization

A spot in a cemetery is not only a final resting place, it's also an opportunity to honor a special life and memorialize a legacy. Our customized estate gardens and glass niche columbariums offer a unique and heartfelt way to honor loved ones.

Premier Property

Desktop- Premier Property

Our hedge and bench estates provide a semi-private interment option adorned with natural beauty and distinctive granite colors. Furthermore, our gated estates and private mausoleums offer an exclusive setting and the freedom to create an unparalleled final resting place. These top-tier property options cater not only to individuals and couples, but also to entire families, establishing a cherished remembrance site for multiple generations.

Cremation Memorialization

Desktop- Cremation Memorialization

We've expanded our cremation inventory across our network. Glass niches, family columbariums and estate gardens provide more avenues for personalization, perfectly aligning us with the growing cremation customer base.

Ethnic and Cultural Options

Desktop- Ethnic and Cultural Options

Our cemeteries serve as cherished spaces for communities to gather and celebrate. By aligning our cemetery development with the cultural preferences and unique demographics within our communities, we're adding more value for our customers, and elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Ongoing Transformation

Desktop- Our Ongoing Transformation

As societal preferences, cultural norms and technological innovations shift, our strategy also evolves. Looking back, our cemeteries once offered uniform traditional burial choices. Today, our commitment to personalization and innovation has redefined the cemetery experience.

We recognize that families encompass diverse faiths, cultures and backgrounds. As such, we offer an array of memorialization options to accommodate various tastes, preferences and budgets. From distinctive upright monuments, bronze memorials and specially designed benches to family estates and serene cremation gardens, the possibilities are extensive.