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About the Merger of SCI and Stewart Enterprises

On December 23, 2013, Service Corporation International (“SCI”) completed its acquisition of Stewart Enterprises, Inc. (“Stewart”).

Read the press release about the merger here.

Computershare will act as the paying agent in the merger and will mail to former Stewart stockholders a letter of transmittal and instructions for receiving payment of the merger consideration. Holders of Stewart common stock certificates will receive the merger consideration soon after submitting a properly completed letter of transmittal to Computershare. Holders should NOT send their Stewart stock certificates to Computershare until they have received the transmittal materials from Computershare.

All questions relating to receipt of the merger consideration should be directed to Computershare at 1-800-546-5141 or 1-781-575-2765. Stewart stockholders whose shares are held by a broker, bank or other nominee should contact such broker, bank or other nominee regarding receipt of the merger consideration.